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Augusta Group Team

The team at the Augusta Group is comprised of industry and sector experts who are well-versed on the latest discoveries and tools related to the mining and resource sector. The Augusta Group’s executive team has spent years nurturing and establishing relationships with a variety of sector players, as a result they are able to find new areas to invest in and explore. In addition, the Augusta Group’s team of internationally knowledgeable resource specialists are able to vet and offer guidance to those looking to expand their resource portfolio.

Richard Warke

Augusta Group – Chairman
Titan Mining Corporation – Executive Chairman
Tethyan Resource Corp – Executive Chairman
Armor Minerals Inc. – President and Chief Executive Officer
Augusta Group – President
Titan Mining Corporation – President
Armor Minerals Inc. – Director
Augusta Group – Vice President, Investment Analysis and Capital Markets
Augusta Group – Vice President, Investor Relations and Strategic Analysis

Titan Mining

Titan Mining Corporation – Chief Executive Officer

Titan Mining Corporation – Chief Financial Officer

Titan Mining Corporation – Vice President,

Titan Mining Corporation – Vice President, Operations

Tethyan Resource Corp

Tethyan Resource Corp – Chief Executive Officer
Tethyan Resource Corp – President and Chief Operating Officer
Tethyan Resource Corp – Chief Financial Officer

Armor Minerals

Armor Minerals Inc – Chief Financial Officer

Armor Minerals Inc. – Corporate Secretary