Richard Warke

Augusta Group – Chairman
Titan Mining Corporation – Executive Chairman
Armor Minerals – Executive Chairman

Richard Warke is a Canadian business executive based in Vancouver who has more than 25 years of experience in the international resource and mining sector. In 2005, Richard founded the Augusta Group of Companies, which is composed of a conglomerate of public companies and private businesses, and currently includes Titan Mining Corporation and Armor Minerals Inc.

Before establishing the Augusta Group of Companies, Richard founded and grew several successful resource companies, including Augusta Resource Corporation, a company Richard directed for nineteen years and later sold in 2014 for roughly C$670 million, and Ventana Gold Corporation, which sold in 2011 for roughly C$1.6 billion.

Following the sale of Augusta Resource and Ventana Gold, Richard dedicated his time and focus to Arizona Mining Inc. and the exploration and development of the Hermosa-Taylor zinc-lead-silver deposit in Arizona. Arizona Mining was sold for approximately C$2.1 billion in 2018.

During his almost three-decade career in the mining industry, Richard has built a strong reputation for creating successful mining companies. His experience and industry knowledge have established him as a go-to source in the sector. As such, Richard is often called upon by news and media outlets to offer his guidance and insight on mining-related topics.

When asked about the important ingredients to mining success, Richard notes that building the right team is crucial, and he attributes his business success to his dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled management team.

In addition to his time in the mining industry, Richard is also experienced in the oil and gas industry, as well as the forestry, technology and manufacturing sectors, where he has previously worked. Richard also has businesses in the aviation and hospitality industries.